The crimes went unsolved for 30 years. First a woman attacked in her Gaithersburg home in 1991. Four months later an 18-year-old babysitting in her home in Germantown. Eight more women stalked and sexually attacked until the rape and murder of Christine Mirzayan, a 29-year-old intern with the National Academy of Sciences in 1998. Then silence. The Potomac River Rapist seemed to have eluded police. Until now.

Supported by a SpotlightDC grant, veteran crime reporter Paul Wagner investigates how police employed cutting edge DNA technology to follow leads leading to the arrest of Giles Warrick, 62, in South Carolina in 2019. DC and Maryland police extradited him for trial scheduled in November. The result is explanatory journalism at its best: a seven-episode podcast launching October 4 on WTOP